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Confluence - An Album by Nancy Rumbel, David Michael & Benjy Wertheimer

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Nancy Rumbel

- the flowing together of two or more streams
- an act or process of merging or blending

The Rumbel/Michael/Wertheimer Trio is proud to announce the release of their debut album, Confluence, a lively World Fusion music journey featuring the rarely-heard combination of oboe, Celtic harp, tablas and instruments from around the globe.

Benjy Wertheimer

Grammy-Award winner and woodwindist, Nancy Rumbel, has teamed up with Celtic harpist, David Michael, and tabla/multi-instrumentalist Benjy Wertheimer to create a whole new sound. An abundance of riches are added by a talented cast of their friends: Michael Mandrell (guitar), Richard Russell (sarode), Sean Frenette (bass), Mark Eubanks (former principal bassoon Oregon Symphony), and Steve Gorn (Grammy-Award winning bansuri flutist.)

David Michael

Confluence features unusual stringed and percussion instruments supporting evocative themes played on a range of woodwinds, primarily the double reeds; oboe and English horn with some bassoon, and contrabassoon. Nylon-strung neo-Celtic harp provides the harmonic foundation holding the ensemble together, with the help of the crystalline sound of steel-string guitar. Complex tabla riffs create drive and forward motion while other Indian instruments like bansuri (bamboo) flute, sarode (a 25-stringed fretless lute from India) and esraj (a 19-stringed bowed instrument from India) add to the unique blend.

Let Confluence sweep you on a timeless journey to the far reaches of your imagination...

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